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why do teenage boys care about if a girl is a virgin or not like are you that eager to be the first to disappoint me 

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Name: Jess, Jessington

URL: gabrielsaunteredvaguelydownwards

Even just by the url you can tell this person is gonna be awesome

and then you go on her blog and discover she’s as awesome as her url promised

then you talk to her and discover she’s an utter sweetheart and just one of the nicest people 

and they you discover her ridiculous tags

*facepalms affectionately*

(i’ve also met her and she’s really really short what a cutie)

Name: Shauna, Chekov, Pasha

URL: consultingcorsair

I’ve known them for just over a year and, since then, we’ve managed to somehow not meet up at two Expos, meet the vlogbrothers, take part in the Adventures of Space Dog at LFCC, and arrange to cosplay Star Trek together.

We’ve had some incredibly strange and dumb conversations about said cosplay.

basically this person is so gr8


Name: Su, Oliver, kawaiileesi

URL: teensam

as you can see, they’re not a babe, they’re a kawaiileesi

my own personal catstiel who is completely adorable

and is also one of the best people I’ve ever met

except they’re on team mashed potato instead of team roasties like wat how do u even


this cover on my blog is dedicated to them because they have a nice butt 


(I sometimes tag things for them)


Name: Kate, Benjy, Hobbes

URL: jesseeisendork… possibly

Buddies! Bros! Homies! Amigos! Pizza! Nintendo!

the deer on my blog are dedicated to them because they’re a dear deer

snuggling up and watching dumb movies with them is like the best fuckin thing

I’m in a constant state of always missing them a little bit

and I’m in best friend love with them like whoa it’s so gr8


(I sometimes tag things for them)


Name: Emma/Chuck

URL: michael-sass-bender

There are very few words that I can bring to mind to summarize how much this person means to me.

So I’ll use her’s.

My Bro. Mi amigo. The better half of our brotp~ MagicGiraffes.

The sort of internet friend you miss without ever having met them, and that you’d count down the days until meeting.

Whenever that is, it’s too far away.